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What is the use of pro bono service?

You may have heard of the pro bono service as a kind of service and what you have just remembered about it is that this service is free of charge. In a way, yes this is the most typical characteristic behind the pro bono service, but do you actually know what exactly it is? The pro bono service is, as a matter of fact, something more than a free of charge service. Yes, you don’t pay for it, but there is something more behind the essence of one pro bono service. Are you intrigued enough now to learn what the pro bono service is?

Read the following facts and enrich your general knowledge, because one day you may need this information or you may also need to take advantage of the pro bono service:

  • The “pro bono” from the pro bono service term is in Latin. In English, most people explain it as a public service with no fee needed. Though, actually, the pro bono service is volunteer work. Though, unlike volunteerism, in pro bono service professional skills and occupation of a particular job are needed.
  • In short – professionals, who execute a service against payment make the same service, but without asking for payment. We should also add that today’s pro bono service matter has a little bit changed. It is not so recommended and volunteer anymore, because every professional from a particular sphere is actually forced (by law) to make one pro bono service per period – year, month and etc.
  • The pro bono service is extremely popular among the legal sphere. Lawyers handle pro bono in several cases. Some of the lawyers may choose them on their own, but others are assigned by the government to manage a particular pro bono service. However, the legal sphere isn’t the only one, where a pro bono service can be done.
  • Since the beginning of 21 st century, a pro bono service has started to be performed as a kind of service in other spheres – medicine, technology, consulting, architecture and marketing. In general, these are the most active and popular spheres in humans life.
  • Hearing of the fact that the pro bono service is free of charge, somehow, everyone thinks that he or she can take advantage of it. Practically, this is true, but in reality, the pro bono service goes as a privilege to a specific group of people
  • Usually, a pro bono service may be performed for a poor person or at least a person, who really needs it, but cannot either afford it or make it accessible for him. In any sphere of economics and public life, there are dozens of conditions and circumstances that form the right to get a pro bono service.
  • The pro bono service is also the core of all foundations and non-profit organizations. Their teams, specialists and workers focus their job on giving a pro bono service to a person, who really needs and deserves it. Of course, there is a big difference between a public pro bono service and a pro bono service, performed by a foundation.
  • Ask yourself – who pays for the pro bono service? After all, even though the client does not pay, the executor needs some resources and money, right?
  • Well, the public pro bono service is paid by the government, while the pro bono service of each foundation or non-profit organization is supported by the charity, private investments and campaigns for money accumulation in the name of a cause, people or a particular case.