Have you ever felt inconvenient when your phone is out of power, and you can’t find any place to charge it? It’s not necessary to worry about it anymore! Ugreen PD car charger is the best choice for you. With an 18-Watt high power output, quick charging speed, and large current output, your phone will be fully charged in one and a half hours (duration varies by mobile phone).

The power charger from UGREEN is made with high-quality material and designed specifically to fit in a cigarette lighter or outlet to charge your phone while you are driving. It is easy to use with no assembly required.

But what protection features do you get for using such fast car chargers? Read on to find out.

With the ever-increasing number of smartphone users and the demand for mobile data, the need to charge your phone while driving is essential. Hence, there are a lot of car chargers available in the market today.

But with so many types and brands available, it can be hard to choose which one is best for you. Here are some of the features that you should consider when buying a PD CellPhone Car Charger:

Safety Features

Over-current Protection – If you have ever used a car charger in a vehicle with a large battery, you may have noticed that it takes a few minutes for the phone to start charging. This is because the charger has to detect that there is enough voltage between its output terminals before it will begin to deliver power. If there isn’t enough voltage, the charger will not allow current to flow through it and your phone won’t charge.

Short-Circuit Protection -This feature protects your device from short circuits that can lead to electric shock or fire. The charger will automatically shut down before any damage can be done if a short circuit is detected.

Over-charge Protection – If you charge your phone for too long, it will cause the battery to heat up abnormally and even explode. The overcharge protection function monitors the temperature of your device during charging and stops charging once it reaches a certain temperature. This protects your battery from overheating and exploding during use.

Over-Voltage Protection -This feature can automatically detect abnormal voltage changes in your device and stop charging when an abnormal condition occurs. This helps prevent damage from overcharging or overvoltage conditions that can harm your mobile device and its battery life.

Over-Temperature Protection- It prevents your device from overheating while charging. It stops charging if it detects high temperature on your device’s battery so that it doesn’t get damaged due to excess heat. This feature also protects against overheating caused by poor ventilation in your car or by charging under direct sunlight. The charger will automatically shut down and stop charging until the short circuit is removed.

Anti-Interference Protection – A car charger with anti-interference protection prevents electrical interference from other devices that may be plugged into the same outlet as yours. This feature ensures that you don’t accidentally damage your device by plugging it into an outlet that has a malfunctioning appliance or device connected to it.


When buying a cell phone car charger, you should look for three protection capabilities in the unit; over-voltage protection is one of them. Over-voltage protection keeps your device safe when it’s being charged by the car charger, but more importantly, it will keep your device’s battery from getting damaged.

If you’ve made a good investment in an extra battery for your mobile phone, you will certainly need to have a portable cell phone car charger to help charge the battery for your phone. By having the ultimate PD car charger, you will be sure that you can get up to 100% of its battery power in just half an hour. Find some of these chargers at Ugreen car chargers.


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