huawei new monitor

The huawei new monitor is a 28-inch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a simple design. “Though you can afford it, you won’t regret buying at all, even if it’s a little pricey at $699 in Europe. Everything about this monitor is top-notch, from the hardware to the design. This is an accurate high-end model.


A stunning Huawei Mate View was praised by everyone who came across him (even in my images on social media). In a silver casing (mostly aluminum) with a simple design, no one will be able to resist this gadget. The minor section of the body has a thickness of 9.3 mm, while the most significant component is 13 mm! However, many people would think of Apple products when they see Mate View. However, I find it to be somewhat original.

Mystic Silver is the only color. The majority of the body comprises a high-quality plastic that is so pleasant to the touch that it may be mistaken for metal at times. Anodized aluminum forms the display’s bezels. There is some roughness to the metal’s surface, but it is otherwise smooth.

Interfaces of Connection

All standard connectors are available on the Mate View. HMDI, Mini Display Port, or USB-C can connect to the desktop PC. On the “back” of the stand, at the bottom, there are all of these plugs, except for USB-C. However, there is a third USB-C port, which is only for powering up the device. However, the USB-C port on the side may be used to “charge” computers, smartphones, and other devices.

3840×2560 resolution is supported by all connection options, although only USB-C and MiniDP can deliver 60 Hz frame rates. This version of HDMI 2.0 has a maximum 50 Hz rate. The monitor does not support G-Sync or Free Sync. Hence it is not suitable for gaming. On the side of the stand, there are two USB-A connections and a 3.5 mm audio jack. It’s easy to use a keyboard or mouse there, and the display doubles as a USB hub, too.

Work with Huawei Mateview

The monitor’s features are very standard for its price point. Huawei put a lot of effort into making sure that the colors on the Mate View display were as accurate as possible. DCI-P3 color space covers 98 percent of the monitor’s color gamut, whereas RGB color space covers 100 percent of the monitor’s color gamut. There is no better display for all sorts of entertainment when HDR400 certification and 500 nits of peak brightness are combined.

Configuration and Control

Monitor controls, to put it another way, are a hot-button issue. “Extra modern” Smart Bar touchpad instead of the standard keys or joysticks is what we received. At the bottom of the screen in the center is a black stripe. The menu may be opened with a single tap. You may navigate the menu by swiping left or right. Single-tap to choose, double-tap to return to the previous selection.

Even if I’m just an extrovert who prefers the old-fashioned way of doing things, I am not comfortable with this control style. Even though everything appears to be working as it should, I’m still finding it challenging to sit still. Even if you’re used to it, you won’t become used to it if you don’t frequently utilize the menu. Also, I’ve heard that the Smart Bar stopped working if the monitor was in wireless display mode.

Microphones and Speakers on the Huawei Mate View

Because the monitor’s stand is so tiny, stereo speakers placed into the air won’t provide high-quality sound. There are many volumes, but the sound quality of even simple conversation isn’t excellent, much less that of music or film. Expect no bass whatsoever. If there are no speakers, it’s more of an emergency choice. The use of speakers for podcasts and YouTube videos is acceptable.


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