In what could have ended in a very tragic story, according to a report from WFXT, the quick thinking of 9-year old Jayline Barbosa Brandão managed to save her entire family where she took the iPhone of her unconscious dad, held it to his face to unlock it using Face ID, and then called for help.

According to the report, it seems that after borrowing a generator, her parents were overcome by carbon monoxide. Jayline was asleep when she heard her dad calling for help after he had discovered that his wife had passed out from the carbon monoxide, which he also eventually succumbed to.

Jayline, who was still conscious, unlocked her dad’s iPhone using his face where she then called 911. Help eventually came where the entire family was then taken to the hospital where thankfully, they have all since recovered.

While Face ID usually requires the user’s eyes to be open and looking into the camera, it has been suggested that Jayline’s dad might have toggled off “Require Attention for Face ID”, which would have allowed her to unlock his phone using his face even if his eyes were closed.

According to the rescuers, they discovered that the generator, even though it was unplugged, was inside the house and detected carbon monoxide levels of 1,000 parts per million, which under normal circumstances would have been fatal had it not been for the quick thinking on Jayline’s part.

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